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LZQC-1198E Tact switch



1.This is a new kind of surface mounted switch

Compared to the standard confirguration(4.5mmx2.3xx), it is extremely slim and compact, at1.7mm thick

2.This horizontal type switch allows pushing from a side of soldered PCB

3.The switch supports reflow soldering and is fully water resistant



Portable terminals, driver function control switch

Mobile Phone, PDA, TV, Camera ,VCR


Key Specifications

  • Miniature side tact switch
  • Rating: 12V DC, 50mA maximum
  • Circuit: 1c-1p 0000
  • Operating force: 160 +/- 50g
  • Contact resistance: 100Ω maximum
  • Travel: 0.2 +/- 0.1mm
  • Life cycles: over 100,000 cycles