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Quality Goal

1、Entire members in work hard、improving work efficiency and advance products quality

2、The initial products failure rate no more than 0.1%

3、NO customer complain、customer satisfied rate more than 95%,delivered products qualified 100%

4、 Failure rate from customer is within 50ppm, guarantee the

products satisfied the customer

Being our customer's long arm into the production process:

We are not an agent or broker, we are your local presence at the manufacturing site.

Sample Availability & Policy, Drawing Specification,

Approval Sheet & Safety Approval , After Sales Service

All samples requested by customers are deliveryed within 3 days after confirming, specification

offering anytime without delay by email,fax r air post, Price is

based on the demand qality per lot, newest products brochure is offered to clients per year.

Our promptly response to your requests and inquiries, any quality problems will be solved within 3 days,

the shipping documents will be fax to customers on the goods sending date.

Products will be 100% replaced if they are found to be defective within 30days from the arrival date,

we also provide 1 year warranty from the shipping date